Apart from the evening of a Full Moon with a live hare (every 29.45 days), we also meet on the Saturday closest to a New Moon - These however are more like pub-crawls

Fully Illuminated LunaTics Hash House Harriers

You could also try www.FILTHh3.nl

MisManagement & Contact

GM - Boar Whore
RA - Tuna Melt
Haberdashery - Tasty Piss

More Haberdashery

Dutch Kennels

1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month

2nd Sunday of the Month

4th Sunday of the Month

Every 29.4 days at a Full Moon

Wednesday evenings in Summertime and Sundays during Wintertime


Manneke Pis
Brussels is not far away


Aachen, just across the border

Dutch Traditionals

In more or less chronological order and all depending on corona and other mishaps of course

Amsterdam - Lights + Erwtensoep
The Hague - Robby Burns
Wageningen - Ten Hour Madness
Brabant - Tilburg Carnaval
FILTH - KoningsNach
The Hague - KingsDay
Brabant - Kermis-Hash-Sunday
Amsterdam - Gay for a Day
FILTH - Boaty McBoat
Wageningen - Threesome Hash
Amsterdam - Spooky Halloween