__SPECIAL special________

Darkish Side of the Moon
a.k.a. Zombie Apocalypse

#181 - Saturday November 13, 2021

Time - 1400
Where - Coo,
- Stavelot 4970, Luik, Belgium
Hares - Give It A Blow & Opee

Run for your life! Don't let the Zombies get too close or you might get infected. (Oh, and did we mention that you might want to watch out for the secret anti-vax'ers too!).

It's going to be a great event with our BMPH3 friends, so please join us! (And you'll get credit for 2 runs in Harrier Central as well!).

Please let us know if you need information on transportation and lodging.

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Leave it to Beaver Moon

#182 - Friday November 19, 2021

Fully Illuminated LunaTics Hash House Harriers
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We run in Leiden or something at Full Moon - That is every 29.45 days - You could also try www.FILTHh3.nl or FaceBook

__UPCOMING runs___________


Cold Moon a.k.a. Tuna's 30 Years of Hashing
and she does not look a day over 29

#183 - Saturday December 18, 2021

at Chez Tuna & Opee with an overnight option.


Wolf Moon

#184 - Monday January 17, 2022


Snow Moon

#185 - Wednesday February 16, 2022


Full Worm Moon

#186 - Wednesday March 16, 2022


Full Pink Moon

#187 - Saturday April 16, 2022


Flower Moon

#188 - Monday May 16, 2022


Strawberry Moon

#189 - Tuesday June 14, 2022

__HISTORY of runs_____________

We started this version of the website in July 2021. Anything older is NOT on www.FILTHh3.nl but can be found on FaceBook


Hunter's Moon a.k.a.
World Peace Through Beer

#180 - Wednesday October 20, 2021

Time - 19:00
Where - Hague Humanity Hub
Fluwelen Burgwal 58,
2511 CJ The Hague
Hare - Opee
Hash Cash - €5
Also, bring cash and/or debit card
Bag Drop - Yes

It's been two years since we've been able to celebrate World Peace Through Beer Day and what better way than with a pub crawl! Join us at the Hague Humanity Hub in The Hague where we will explore what it means to make Peace with bottles in our hands. Don't forget to bring cash or a debit card on trail.

Bring friends and virgins so we can have even more Peace!


Hungry Ghost Moon

#179 - September 20, 2021

Time - 19:30
Where - Diamantlaan 196

- 2332 GR Leiden
Hare - Boar Whore
Hash Cash - € 5
Bag Drop - Y

It's hard to believe but it's already been a year since we've hashed from Boar Whore and Tasty's place in Leiden. It's Boar Whore's turn to lay a live trail. As always, he promises a good trail with great beer at the end. Keep an eye out for hungry ghosts on our first hash in the dark in months.


A FILTHy Invasion of Prague

#178 - AUGUST 22, 2021

Time - 11:00
Where -
EuroHash in Prague
Hare -
All of us
Hash Cash -
bring cash for beerstop
Bag Drop -

Most of our regular FILTH hashers will likely be nursing quite a hangover after partying for days at Eurohash in Prague, so let's gather together at the hash dorm and run a Hangover Hash.

As usual, Opee plans to live lay the trail and likely will make it up as he goes. It will be too complicated to collect hash cash, so plan on bringing cash on trail for beer stops and possible use of public transport. Of course, feel free to invite your old and new friends as this trail will be open to all runners. If there's interest in a walker's trail, someone will need to volunteer to lay that trail.


Spacy Buck Moon

#177 - July 23, 2021

Time - 19:30
Where -
Lemmy's Bier & Whiskey-café
Morsstraat 24
- 2312 BM Leiden

Hare -
Tasty Piss
Hash Cash - € 5
Bag Drop - Yes

It's time to celebrate the first Dutch kid in space! If you haven't noticed, there's a space war taking place amongst billionaires. For us poor hashers, it's an excuse to get spacy (meaning tinfoil hats, of course).